Since our founding over a decade ago, Wintergreen’s investment approach has been guided by five core principles:

1. Fundamental research: Wintergreen does the deep-dive analytical work that we believe is rare among investment firms today. We not only scour company reports, we spend time meeting with management and visiting operating facilities to meet people and see how a company operates. We’ve learned that you can’t be a good active manager if you are only sitting behind a computer. You’ve got to break a sweat to find opportunities – and to know which risks to avoid.

2. Price discipline: We are patient investors. We are prepared to wait for the right price to buy securities we like. We don’t believe in buying a good stock at any price, as many fund managers seem happy to do. We want to buy compelling securities at an attractive price, and we often find what we believe to be excellent companies in overlooked sectors.

3. Assertive advocacy for clients: Wintergreen is willing to do what few fund managers have done in recent memory: look out for our clients’ best interests. If we notice a problem, we do something. We will speak with a company’s management or we may sell a company’s security to avoid a flawed management team. Sometimes what is needed is to take a stand to protect the interest of our clients. We don’t jump into what we believe are flawed investments to force a quick sale or other change.  We read every portfolio holdings proxy statement closely and vote in the interests of our clients, opposing company management when necessary.

4. Commitment to active management: Swayed by marketing hype, many investors piled into index products and opened themselves to risks that are now at dangerous levels. Even many so-called “active” fund managers have fallen into the trap, with many of their holdings mirroring the composition of the major indices. We believe that in their rush to improve short-term performance they have abandoned their investment discipline and put their capital at risk. Wintergreen remains an “active” manager, staying true to its global value investment strategy, and avoiding style drift. We believe actively managed funds should be a significant part of an investment portfolio for building wealth over the long-term.

5. Independence: Wintergreen is entirely independent and does not answer to any parent corporation. This allows us to invest where we believe the best opportunities lie throughout the world, without being influenced by an organization that is more concerned with marketing or meeting quarterly earnings.  We value being ethical and are totally focused on protecting and enhancing our fund investor’s capital over time.

The Wintergreen Way. 


The Wintergreen Way works to give investors the respect that they deserve.

Our clients deserve to have someone looking out for their interests.

Wintergreen is that manager, for today and all of your tomorrows.