Value stocks have historically underperformed growth stocks in a declining or low-interest-rate environment – a pattern that has held true over the recent market cycle.  And in a rising rate environment, value stocks have historically outperformed growth stocks. With the anticipation of increased rates, we believe there is an opportunity to be ahead of the curve by diversifying your portfolio into an actively managed value fund, such as Wintergreen Fund.

Wintergreen invests with a sensible long-term value approach. Following the burst of the last technology boom, the market went flat for over seven years.  It was during this period that value investing outperformed. As we have seen market cycles lengthening, this could result in an extended period where the overall index is flat, but that is when we anticipate Wintergreen, as a true active value manager, will have the opportunity to outperform.

2004-2007: Value Outperformed by over 26%