Wintergreen’s investment approach is guided by five core principles:

1. Fundamental research
2. Price discipline
3. Assertive advocacy for clients
4. Commitment to active management
5. Independence

Wintergreen has been consistent in our investment approach – our record is based on true value principles.

Our Core Values

Value stocks have historically underperformed growth stocks in a declining or low interest rate environment –a pattern that has held true over the recent market cycle.  And in a rising rate environment, value stocks have historically outperformed growth stocks. With the anticipation of increased rates, we believe there is an opportunity to be ahead of the curve by diversifying your portfolio into an actively managed value fund, such as Wintergreen Fund.

Value Investing

Index Funds are widely known for low expenses. But do the low fees advertised by Index Funds accurately reflect what investors pay? Wintergreen says No. Index Fund investors simply don’t see the full costs they’re paying.

In addition, stock market performance has been highly concentrated. If you look closely at the performance of the S&P 500, you’ll see that most of its recent gains have been highly concentrated in ten momentum stocks – FANG & Friends (Amazon, Microsoft, Alphabet, Facebook, Starbucks, Netflix, EBay, Salesforce, Priceline, and Apple).

The Tip Of The Iceberg